History of Valentine’s Day

There are several theories about the history of Valentine’s Day. Some claim that the origins are in the story of Valentine, a Roman who became a martyr for refusing to renounce his Christian faith, and for trying to help Christians escape from the prisons of the Romans, and who died on the 14th. February, 269 AD

According to other historical accounts, Saint Valentine would have served as a priest in the temple during the reign of Claudius III when the Emperor decided that young men should all be soldiers, and forbade marriage. Valentine would realize the injustice of the decree and would continue to direct the marriage rite for young couples in secret until he was discovered by Claudio who would imprison him for the challenge.

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According to the legend, Saint Valentine left a farewell letter to the jailer’s daughter whom he had fallen in love with during his imprisonment, and this letter would be Valentine’s first love letter. He left his signature “De us Valentine” at the end of his signature, a signature that would become popular for couples who send themselves cards with Valentine’s phrases.

In 496 AD, Pope Celsius decided that February 14 would be the day on which Saint Valentine would be honored.

Little by little the 14th of February was becoming a date in which love messages were exchanged, and Valentine’s Day became popular and became the patron of the lovers.

Interesting facts about Valentine’s Day:

By 1842 an artist and businesswoman named Esther Howland popularized Valentine’s greeting cards using the traditional forms associated with that day that are the heart and figure of Cupid, the god of amorous desire in Roman mythology.

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Valentine’s Day in the Nordic countries

In the Nordic countries, the date of the Valentine’s Day coincides with the date on which the birds are paired and paired in that area and for this reason it is seen as a symbol of love and creation.

Valentine’s Day in Latin America

In some countries like Latin America it is considered the day of love and friendship. The tradition is that the lovers give each other some detail and give happy Valentine’s Day gifts 2018 and it is also a day in which they show their gratitude to their friends and loved ones.

Saint Valentine and the city of Verona

In Verona the city of Romeo and Juliet every Valentine’s celebration is awarded the most beautiful letter of the letters that people send to Juliet. Each year they receive about 8,000 letters addressed to the character created by Shakespeare and all are answered by the Club of Juliet a club formed by volunteers who respond to the sent letters.

Valentine’s Day in Japan

In Japan on Valentine’s Day, custom dictates that women give chocolates to men, not only to the beloved but to workmates, friends, relatives … Men must correspond to the detail a month later on the day known as White Day and the return gift must have more value than the one received.

IL-2 TEST Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz: The harsh Laws of War

Formerly a category of games in its own right with its lot of expensive peripherals, simulation flight is confined today to some extent counting on the fingers of one hand. IL-2 has been on the ground for years regarding the military simulation of the Second World War era. Initially on the Eastern Front, then on other theaters, IL-2 returns this time for the Battle of Britain with a revised and expanded edition on Cliffs of Dover’s Steam entitled “Blitz”. Remove the wheel chocks and take the track!

IL-2 TEST Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz The harsh Laws of War

IL-2 is a simulation that now has long flying hours, but has evolved over the years, thanks to a very active and involved community to the point that a party has joined the development team. The Team Fusion, which had produced new missions and campaigns via modifications of the original game, has indeed joined 1CGS to offer today this version 4.5 of Cliffs of Dover (CoD). At the same time, IL-2 will also propose developments to reproduce other great aerial battles of the Second World War, with a branch well named Great Battles . We have not finished hearing about Warbirds in 2018.

Arid and Realistic

Cliffs of Dover offers two campaigns to date , the main one being written on the British side. Whatever your choice, you will be placed directly in the control of a fighter and the first few minutes will not be easy if you are not a fan of aerial simulation . Let it be said right away and once and for all; if you were expecting a 39-45 version of Ace Combat , go your way. Here is a flight simulation and although it is not as intransigent as a DCS ( Digital Combat Simulator ), it requires significant involvement and hours of learning.

The level of realism is of course configurable, but all the interest of IL-2 is to offer a real simulator for an affordable price (just over 20 €). So, even if only to start the engine, we must not neglect anything: have the good gasoline open, the throttle in the right place, the magnetos activated, the propeller at a slow pace, the brakes set and let the machine warm up. In short, respect the procedure and checklist like any other airman.

In combat, it’s the same story. You have to play flaps and power on the engine to avoid grilling and get the best performance. Combine this with different approach tactics depending on the aircraft you are attacking and the steering becomes as interesting as it is complex . No question indeed to arrive like a flower in the back of a bomber to be truffled the lead engine. It is better to make successive passes with the angle and to conserve its energy while playing with the altitude. For the Me109, it is advisable to make them lose altitude precisely and push them to the whirling fight. In doing so, you will take full measure of the complexity of the task for the young pilots who had to hit targets moving at 600 Km / H while being themselves in motion.

The problem with IL-2 is that nothing in the game comes to explain how it all works . You will have to dig and search the information on the forums and the various pages that explain all of this. The campaign you are following is quite interesting and well written, but absolutely not didactic. Now if you want to download this PC Game or such PC Games Free Download, then you need to visit fully PC games to download it. FullyPCGamess is all about PC games free download full version for Windows 8 of all the games Audience in all over the entire world. Visit us to download free full version of all such games.

Do we need Financial Education? Definitely. At School?

A reader, Blanca Cañamero, warns me that the next PISA report, in which emphasis should be placed on mathematics, will also have an important part of evaluating the financial knowledge of our young people. The OECD has prepared a document detailing how this evaluation will be done. Today I want to tell you if financial education is necessary, if the school can serve to provide it and if it is appropriate to introduce it now. The answers are yes, yes, and depend, respectively.

Do we need Financial Education Definitely. At School

I cannot resist the temptation to start with a couple of anecdotes. In the family I have a certain reputation as a financial guru. And not for my scientific articles, but for some small successful advice from the past. In the year 2000, shortly before the outbreak of the tech bubble, I told a brother-in-law not to make his first serious investment in Terra, whose price had recently multiplied by a large factor.

If you want to invest in something, put the eggs in more than one basket, I answered. Around that time, a cousin told me that he had been offered to invest in a company that guaranteeda return of at least 15% per year. My immediate reaction, after finding out what the company called AFINSA was investing in, was to say that someone who offered that guarantee by investing in stamps was a thief or a fool, and you do not want to give your money to either of them.

None of my advice required being an expert in finance, but a very basic knowledge of history and financial theory. And it was not about people with low levels of education or intelligence, quite the contrary. The first of my interlocutors is an engineer, the second doctor in history and a graduate in law and politics. But both were unaware of some elementary financial issues, which they could correct fairly quickly once they were explained.

This is more than an anecdote. I believe that the Spaniards, and many citizens of very varied countries, have committed enough financial errors in recent years so that certain knowledge of financial matters is an almost public health issue. The question is whether the education system can perform that function. My conclusion after reviewing some existing evidence is that it probably can.

As Bernheim, Garret and Maki tell us29 American states introduced school curricula on consumer education subjects between 1957 and 1985. Up to 14 of those cases, the subject had to cover personal finance problems, such as budgeting, controlling credit, notions of compound interest and other principles financial These authors use data from a Merrill Lynch survey from 1995. In this survey, unlike others (such as the Survey of Consumer Finances or the PSID), respondents were asked directly if they had received financial education during the secondary and what kind. They also had standard demographic information (including income, wealth and asset types in which it was invested) and some questions about savings rates.

For more info about such business topic’s or matters or you wanna learn about more business studies online, you just need to visit Business Study Notes. Business Study Notes is all about DBA, BBA and MBA study online. You may easily get ready for your exams through Business Study Notes.

Difference between Doll vs Puppet vs toy

Childhood could be described as the stage of fantasy worlds. It is supposed to be the most fun period in the life of each of us, since when we are children we do not have to worry about anything other than entertain ourselves; hence the most important thing associated with childhood are toys, but what kind of toys? dolls? Puppets Do you know the differencebetweenz these three things?

Difference between Doll vs Puppet vs toy

If you do not know the difference between puppet, doll and toy or just want a little more information about it, continue reading, because then we explain it to you.


The puppets are a type of toy (although sometimes used most artistic purposes) with jointed limbs that can be manipulated using ropes. They can vary widely in size and characteristics and are often used to represent plays.

They are more difficult to elaborate than the puppets and their manipulation requires a little more skill. Also, puppets can not only belong to the category of “toys”, but also dolls; although they are usually made of wood. In most cases they are representations of human beings, although to a lesser extent they are also in the form of animals.

There are many theories about the date and place where the puppets were invented, but always mentioning these three countries: China, Greece and India; as places in which they possibly invented.


Usually dolls are small toys, although some appear even the same size as a normal person. They tend to resemble humans (whether female or male ).

At first the dolls were made in a way, but then, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the waxes began to gain popularity. In the 19th century, porcelain became the favorites; centuries later appeared those made with cloth and, finally, the plastic ones.

The most famous doll in the world is Barbie, which is collected by thousands of people around the world and from which even books have been written.


Almost anything can be a toy, therefore, this word comprises something much more general than “doll” or “puppet”; so much so that these last two are precisely included within this category. Toys are objects designed for play that are usually worn by children under the age of 14. They come in the most varied shapes, colors and sizes.

As we said before, almost anything can be considered as a toy; however, it is important to note that this definition is usually restricted by the notion that at the time of being manufactured or designed the intention should be to create something that can be used to play or entertain. Finally, the origin of the toys is prehistoric and in the beginning were made of rock, clay and sticks.

Rise of Insta Brand

The rise of Instagram.


considering the fact that 2010, Instagram has proved itself to be the fastest developing social media platform around! It has a consumer base of round 300 million and this is set to rise further. So why is that this seemingly easy app developing so quickly? well it all comes down to creativity actually, Instagram have discovered new methods of sharing content material across its platform and making users experience more seamless. for instance, Instagram testimonies were released to rival snapchats, allowing for customers to provide disappearing snap shots or videos.

Sounds easy right? nicely that’s because it’s miles. Instagram now has more sway over all its customers who may also have been the usage of snapchat in tandem to its very own app, decreasing the want to use each and flow lining these customers to its own offerings.

This competitive tactic has paid off as Instagram has passed snapchat in customers. Instagram tales additionally inspire more sharing of content material and giving it a talk element to its app, permitting it to compete with all of the different direct messaging structures. Innovation like that is the cause for Instagram’s unexpected boom.

insta tips
insta tips

what is all of the fuss approximately?

Instagram is the suitable app to percentage content via visible imagery. Its target market are younger, educated and really into shopping. This makes content creative, exciting and speedy transferring. It has a one of a kind feel to structures like facebook and Twitter, with cognizance on visuals rather than phrases. however, studies have shown that, like facebook, it’s far used every day, this makes for a loyal and distinctly lively person base.

This potential to capture a younger extra creative target audience is sounding the alarm bells of fundamental agencies seeking to advertise on social media. With excessive usage, there’ll actually be multiplied hobby in marketing on the app. but, competition may be ripe and organizations will should discover innovative approaches to out compete their opponents inside the visual world of social media.

How can you use it for advertising?

Of route, if you want to use this to marketplace your employer or a product, then one have to don’t forget how. this is a visual platform and as a consequence products are in popular simpler to marketplace that offerings. however services are not impossible to promote on the app, locating exciting approaches to convey to lifestyles your provider will catch the eye of the Instagram consumer.

Hashtags are frequently used on Instagram and getting in on developments or maybe starting your personal is a sure manner to interact an target market, in a comparable way to Twitter. but, one should be careful to healthy the hashtag to the visual content material you offer, so it isn’t always as easy as different apps that use this technique.

Instagram is predominately a cellular app, so content should be clean to study and constantly updated for a cellular facts, hungry demographic. most effective new and fresh content will appeal to attention.

finally, Instagram stories are a high-quality way to for my part have interaction along with your target market, lasting handiest 24 hours. tales must be used to hold capability clients updated daily for your commercial enterprise and reveal backstage content material to make the user feel like they’re a part of the corporation.

Instagram can be used to marketplace nearly something, with a innovative thoughts and a dedicated crew, you may create quite the excitement around your logo!

The destiny

With a younger, educated audience the use of the app on their mobiles day by day, you will simplest expect sustained increase and loyalty from its users. There could be growing opportunity to apply this app for business purposes and the recommendation from this writer is to get in whilst its warm! it’ll simplest get larger so get into the market vicinity earlier than it gets even extra crowded.

Daryl Lawson has been concerned in social media advertising and online business training for well over 10 years.

he is captivated with all regions of on-line and offline advertising.

Why Instagram Stories Captions Are Better Then Others Social Medias

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories

Your daily want instant statistics and gratification, and Instagram tales offer that. Instagram memorieseveryday permits you daily publish a picture or video onday-to-day Instagram to be able to simplest be viewable for twenty-four hours, and then it will disappear alday-to-daygether.

Why Instagram Stories Captions Are Better Then Others Social Medias

The concept in the back of Instagramcaptions every day is that they may be quite simply shareable and due to the fact they’re most effective accessible for 24 hours, humans are recommended day-to-day view them fast.

For corporations, tales have supereveryday opportunities and can be used to boost your enterprise if they’re used successfully.

gift A everyday Day within the existence Of Your business

One clever manner of making use of Instagram testimonies is everyday sincerely submit videos of the everyday, techniques of your commercial enterprise. you can upload beneficial captions to describe what is going directly to viewers. This works pleasant for businesses with exciting merchandise that can be provided in picture or video. as an instance, a eating place can submit an Instagram tale of them developing a famous dish, daily appeal to everyday.

percentage discounts Or unique offers

you can use Instagram daily every day provide discounts or special gives every day day-to-day. simply publicize the cut price through image otherwise you create a quick promotional video and upload it. make certain that your target market realize that the offer is best suitable for twenty-four hours. this may inspire human beings everyday share your Instagram tale with as many humans as they can.

show Your Product getting used

upload snap shots or videos of your product actually getting used. plenty of companies use this strategy already. in case you upload a extraordinary video, you can simply make humans need every day buy your product.

rejoice A enterprise fulfillment

in case your enterprise wins an award or achieves a major milesday-to-dayne share it with a tale. Even a easy video of a member of team of workers talking indaily the digital camera can clearly assist sell that your organisation has performed something. this is a excellent way to offer your business a chunk of personality and spark a few client hobby for your enterprise.

day-to-day Create Instagram every dayries

click on the plus sign on the day-to-day left corner of your Instagram feed. Then contact on the circle butevery dayn that indicates up at the bottom of the display screen everyday take a image out of your clever smartphone, or hold it all the way down to file video.

Be Brand on Instagram After Simple Tips of Captions

The famous image-sharing app, Instagram, gives its 50 million customers the opportunity to emerge as armature photographers with a unique photograph editing function set that has exploded in popularity over the past year. however, Instagram has no longer handiest supplied a innovative new medium for wannabe photographers, but for manufacturers as nicely. Many brands use cute type of Instagram captions from different sites and can also be published on Facebook fan pages as well, have taken benefit of the opportunity to provide clients an inventive, behind-the-scenes look at what their products and services ought to offer.

insta brand
insta brand

Branded On Instagram

nowadays, a few manufacturers are the usage of Instagram to give consumers at the back of-the-scenes looks at sporting occasions or fashion shows. some brands have even enlisted tremendously influential Instagram users for advertising functions. right here are a few manufacturers which might be successfully the usage of Instagram for marketing, branding and advertising functions:

1. crimson Bull: From the common social media websites like facebook and Twitter, to the new and uncharted social apps just like the famous video sharing app, Viddy, red Bull is honestly an industry leader with regards to online marketing – and their Instagram presence isn’t any exception. pink Bull posts a “each day wonderful” picture, and continues the culture of “Flying Friday” to hold fanatics and followers engaged. however, red Bull would not stop with just posting enticing content material, the emblem has additionally been acknowledged to “Like” other users pics as well.

2. Puma: instead of honestly celebrating footwear, Puma’s Instagram changed into installation to highlight all the cool places that footwear take you. Puma has been recognised to ship influential Instagram users to huge activities throughout the globe and take pics. Puma even despatched a few very lucky and influential Instagram users to Abu Dhabi as a way to Instagram the Volvo Ocean Race. because Puma would not have the following of a few different brands (like red Bull), this method of using influential users to image occasions changed into an amazing way of ensuring extra humans noticed the photographs.

3. Tiffany’s: Tiffany’s followed Instagram as part of its campaign approximately proper love. They hired a style running a blog couple to take snapshots of love testimonies in Paris and new york and them on Instagram. Tiffany’s additionally gave couples the possibility to post their very own snap shots the usage of the Tiffany’s downloadable Instagram filter out. past simply incorporating Instagram into their authentic love campaign, Tiffany’s also used the photo-sharing app to provide lovers an internal take a look at how jewelry is made.

though Instagram continues to be a reasonably new medium for on-line marketing, many manufacturers are realizing the electricity of and benefits of the usage of the image-sharing app for marketing purposes. though it can require a exceptional deal of creativity and concept to paintings Instagram right into a organisation’s social media method, those who have achieved so have visible super results and been significantly universal by means of users on the platform.

Cheap Automatic Coffee Makers Have A Good Super-Automatic Coffee Machine In Their House

Who would not want to have a good super-automatic coffee machine in their house? For users who are not barista experts – that is, most – super-automatic coffee makers allow us to enjoy espresso coffees and other specialties with milk foam, simply by pressing a button on the machine. No processes, no waiting, no technical requirements.

But of course, these coffee makers, apart from being a marvel of technology put at the service of the consumer, have an important drawback: their price. They are high range devices and with a cost that multiplies several times what a normal coffee machine of any other type costs.

And not everyone can afford such an investment.

To help you a little, and respond to a very old demand from our readers, we have developed this guide where we collect the most interesting models of cheap automatic coffee maker machines. Those that allow us to enjoy at home all the virtues of a machine of this type, without having to pay four-figure prices or ask for a loan from the bank.

You already know that on our website we are happy to help any user interested in buying a coffee machine. And more if there is so much money involved as is the case of these.

Before presenting our selection, we must make clear two premises:

When we talk about cheap super automatic coffee machines, we always refer to automatic express coffee machines . We are not going to contemplate here many other automatic water flow coffee machines, such as capsules or some drip.

To elaborate the ranking, we always set the rates for new models. We have not taken into account automatic offer coffee machines, or specific promotions, which are often applied to second-hand or reconditioned coffee machines, and which naturally do not reflect the true market situation.

The average price of an automatic espresso machine, so we will consider “cheap ” those below that figure. Because of our experience and global knowledge of the industry, we understand that taking home one of these machines for less than is really acquiring a very economical super automatic coffee machine.

Why Toy Or Play Kitchens Should Be In the Home Kitchen

A few years ago when Sunflower was just a baby and I was beginning to discover the world of Waldorf pedagogy, Isabel Fernandez del Castillo (author of the famous book, the Birth Revolution and later the godmother of Metamorphosis), gave a few days in Mallorca where He commented that the best investment we can make in toys for a child is a kitchen to put in the kitchen.

  She is also a Waldorf mom, she precisely takes her daughters to a Waldorf school in Madrid, and when she commented on this, which surprised me because of the logic that it is and how little it is applied, I went a step further towards this pedagogy.
That’s why Sunflower has always had a playful environment in the kitchen of our house, where it has all the elements at its disposal to play symbolically and represent domestic chores.
The importance of home play environments
The director of my daughter’s school, Laura Play, once told me a phrase that stuck with me: “Children do not need many toys, much less sophisticated toys; they are the toy factories that need children”.
It was one of those true truths that make you wonder about the need for children to be stuffed with toys at all times, most of them of poor quality and that also do not accompany their natural process of discovering and experiencing the world.

For that reason, and as you already know, I am in favor that at home there is not a great over stimulation of toys and those that are true (of noble materials, not plastic) and are very thoughtful.
In addition, whenever possible, it is ideal to define areas for play activities within the home (on the outside area I already spoke to you here); from a zone to paint, color and make crafts, a corner of the dolls, a bench or easel with baskets and different simple game elements (such as building blocks, natural elements, wooden animals or knitwear, fabrics …) and of course a corner with a play kitchen.
This brings advantages. To begin, sorting the space where the child plays
And making sure everything is in place will suggest to the child that there is a general order in life.
In addition, the orderly arrangement of the toys in the different spaces will encourage the child to motivate himself in his game and in this way it will be easy to find him one day playing quietly and only when he wakes up. While if the toys are piled in a box , do not suggest anything. What’s more, the child feels invaded by objects (because objects have a presence that carries the environment) and what he does is close to them, as if he did not see them.

Organize the symbolic play area of the kitchen in the kitchen!
One thing you have already discovered as a mother / father is that your child wants to be where you are.
The places in the house where we spend most time during the day are the living room and the kitchen , so it is important to establish play areas in both spaces, and what better way to take advantage of all the action and imitation potential that is developed in the kitchen that with a game environment.
A toy kitchen is a basic game element for both a boy and a girl.
We could make some DIY kitchen, you can make a simple imitation kitchen and sink with a wooden box, in which a hole is opened in the upper surface and placed in the hollow a metal basin. The kitchen controls can be drawn by hand. It would be even better to place a front door with hinges and shelves inside, but it is not essential.
On Interest you can find some very inspiring ideas of DIY wood kitchens, made with pallets or with a bedside table for example.
If you buy a kitchen, please make it wooden!
If you opt for the option of buying play kitchen, something very important (at least for me) is that it is made of wood and not plastic.
It is not the first time I tell you (see here), but plastic is a cold element that does not teach or transmit anything to the child, which does not exist in nature and on the other hand does not allow a coherent experience for the child.

For example, you will agree with me that it is not the same to lift a large wooden truck to a large plastic truck. When you lift a large element so easily, without much effort, the experience of weight that we transmit to the child is as false, instead a wooden toy that weighs, that has texture, consistency and also transmits sensations such as the warmth of the wood, offers a more authentic vision of reality.
So if you are looking for a kitchen, it should be made of wood, although I know from experience that it is not always easy to find it, because there are often lacquered with many bright colors and details, for me, unnecessary.
In our case, the symbolic play corner in the kitchen began as a tiny wooden module (what a shame I do not have a photo), and now we have this bamboo kitchen, which I love because of its simplicity and at the same time complete that is. I cannot like it anymore, it’s so Waldorf!
We have it placed next to the table waitress of the coffee machine, what allows us to take advantage of the inferior shelves to keep other utensils and complements for her.

The texture of this kitchen is super nice and also brings some wooden pots and utensils, and has doors that open and plenty of storage space. The stoves also rotate with a click.
If you are interested, this kitchen can be found here.
Other things that we have in this corner, in addition to natural things that we are changing as nuts, pineapples, shells, sticks (used to cook in addition to everything you get for the kitchen), are fruits and vegetables made of wood.

Highly recommended for their excellent quality and finishes are those of the Erzi brand and I really mean it, because they are amazing of beautiful and when you touch them it is that you stay in love. The online store Baby Capricious has a good selection of this brand and I think they are very recommendable especially the sets that have a bit of everything.
And there you have it, a couple of wooden spoons, some small plates and glasses and trays to fill, empty, and make your creations. Nothing else is needed, and I can assure you that many times you are working in the kitchen, your child will also do it in theirs, by your side. You can spend hours like that!

A CRM System Can Help You Increase Your Sales: Follow These Seven Steps to Successful Implementation

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can give a huge boost to your sales activities. It allows you to keep all of your customer information in one central location, track customer interactions, and optimize the operations of your sales team.

But CRM systems can cause serious headaches for many companies because they do not meet their expectations or generate a good return on investment. The problem often stems from inadequate implementation.

“Many companies are trying out a CRM system and then abandoning it because the process seems too complex or laborious,” says Claudia Mason, Business Consultant , who advises companies on sales and marketing. marketing. “Without proper training and support, many salespeople feel overwhelmed by CRM systems.”

According to Ms.  Mason, it’s essential to follow these seven steps to make sure your CRM system boosts your sales.

1. Structure your sales process

Start by making sure your company has a well-structured and measurable sales process in place. This should include defined milestones and key performance indicators that your sales team will follow.

You should know how many times each task should be done to achieve your goals. For example, you may need 45 contacts or emails to achieve your goal of three sales per month. “You must first have a solid foundation before considering the adoption of a CRM system,use CRM Consulting http://www.itsolutionssolved.com.au/crm-consulting/

Also, think about what kind of reports would be most useful to your sales team. You may want to know data such as the number of new sales by region, the conversion rates by product or the number of communications made by each seller.

“You can adopt any system, says M me  Mason. But if you have not implemented the fundamental processes, no technology can help you. ”

2. Name a project manager

In general, companies fail to implement a CRM system because no one is in charge. The person you appoint who is responsible for system configuration, employee training and deployment should be organized and technophile.

This person should have enough time to make a gradual transition to the new system. “It’s important that you take your time at every stage of implementation,” says  Mason.

3. Configure the CRM system according to your activities

Your company is now ready to configure its system. At this point, be sure to consider your sales process, performance indicators, and reporting requirements. Make sure the system uses the same terminology as your company.

“You want to be able to easily capture information and identify important data, says M me  Mason. Simplify as much as possible the initial configuration of your system so that your salespeople can use it in a jiffy. ”

4. Organize your data

Avoid downloading an obsolete contact list that contains a lot of duplicates. “Do not forget that bad information means bad results,” says  Mason. To avoid wasting time later, please review your contact lists and ensure that the names, contact information, the most recent interactions and all other information contained therein are accurate and complete.

5. Use a sample of data to test the system

Test the functionality and reporting capability of your system by entering only ten contacts. It will be easier to make changes to a small sample of data than to your entire contact list.

6. Train your team

Your sales team will have difficulty adopting your CRM system without adequate support. Your employees will probably need training to adopt the new system and get the most out of it. A short video is not enough; you may need to provide a detailed explanation of system benefits, hands-on training and ongoing support as they overcome the problems.

“If you have not spent the time and energy to training your staff, the system will produce erroneous reports and the implementation will likely be a failure,” concludes me  Mason.

7. Launch and improve your system

Once you have tested your system with a sample of data, you will be able to enter your entire contact list. The person responsible for implementing your CRM solution will then need to monitor how the system is being used and get feedback from employees to make the necessary adjustments.

Review the system regularly to consider adding more complex features such as automated email campaigns, integration with other systems, or forecasts.