IL-2 TEST Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz: The harsh Laws of War

Formerly a category of games in its own right with its lot of expensive peripherals, simulation flight is confined today to some extent counting on the fingers of one hand. IL-2 has been on the ground for years regarding the military simulation of the Second World War era. Initially on the Eastern Front, then on other theaters, IL-2 returns this time for the Battle of Britain with a revised and expanded edition on Cliffs of Dover’s Steam entitled “Blitz”. Remove the wheel chocks and take the track!

IL-2 TEST Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz The harsh Laws of War

IL-2 is a simulation that now has long flying hours, but has evolved over the years, thanks to a very active and involved community to the point that a party has joined the development team. The Team Fusion, which had produced new missions and campaigns via modifications of the original game, has indeed joined 1CGS to offer today this version 4.5 of Cliffs of Dover (CoD). At the same time, IL-2 will also propose developments to reproduce other great aerial battles of the Second World War, with a branch well named Great Battles . We have not finished hearing about Warbirds in 2018.

Arid and Realistic

Cliffs of Dover offers two campaigns to date , the main one being written on the British side. Whatever your choice, you will be placed directly in the control of a fighter and the first few minutes will not be easy if you are not a fan of aerial simulation . Let it be said right away and once and for all; if you were expecting a 39-45 version of Ace Combat , go your way. Here is a flight simulation and although it is not as intransigent as a DCS ( Digital Combat Simulator ), it requires significant involvement and hours of learning.

The level of realism is of course configurable, but all the interest of IL-2 is to offer a real simulator for an affordable price (just over 20 €). So, even if only to start the engine, we must not neglect anything: have the good gasoline open, the throttle in the right place, the magnetos activated, the propeller at a slow pace, the brakes set and let the machine warm up. In short, respect the procedure and checklist like any other airman.

In combat, it’s the same story. You have to play flaps and power on the engine to avoid grilling and get the best performance. Combine this with different approach tactics depending on the aircraft you are attacking and the steering becomes as interesting as it is complex . No question indeed to arrive like a flower in the back of a bomber to be truffled the lead engine. It is better to make successive passes with the angle and to conserve its energy while playing with the altitude. For the Me109, it is advisable to make them lose altitude precisely and push them to the whirling fight. In doing so, you will take full measure of the complexity of the task for the young pilots who had to hit targets moving at 600 Km / H while being themselves in motion.

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