Difference between Doll vs Puppet vs toy

Difference between Doll vs Puppet vs toy

Childhood could be described as the stage of fantasy worlds. It is supposed to be the most fun period in the life of each of us, since when we are children we do not have to worry about anything other than entertain ourselves; hence the most important thing associated with childhood are toys, but what kind of toys? dolls? Puppets Do you know the differencebetweenz these three things?

Difference between Doll vs Puppet vs toy

If you do not know the difference between puppet, doll and toy or just want a little more information about it, continue reading, because then we explain it to you.


The puppets are a type of toy (although sometimes used most artistic purposes) with jointed limbs that can be manipulated using ropes. They can vary widely in size and characteristics and are often used to represent plays.

They are more difficult to elaborate than the puppets and their manipulation requires a little more skill. Also, puppets can not only belong to the category of “toys”, but also dolls; although they are usually made of wood. In most cases they are representations of human beings, although to a lesser extent they are also in the form of animals.

There are many theories about the date and place where the puppets were invented, but always mentioning these three countries: China, Greece and India; as places in which they possibly invented.


Usually dolls are small toys, although some appear even the same size as a normal person. They tend to resemble humans (whether female or male ).

At first the dolls were made in a way, but then, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the waxes began to gain popularity. In the 19th century, porcelain became the favorites; centuries later appeared those made with cloth and, finally, the plastic ones.

The most famous doll in the world is Barbie, which is collected by thousands of people around the world and from which even books have been written.


Almost anything can be a toy, therefore, this word comprises something much more general than “doll” or “puppet”; so much so that these last two are precisely included within this category. Toys are objects designed for play that are usually worn by children under the age of 14. They come in the most varied shapes, colors and sizes.

As we said before, almost anything can be considered as a toy; however, it is important to note that this definition is usually restricted by the notion that at the time of being manufactured or designed the intention should be to create something that can be used to play or entertain. Finally, the origin of the toys is prehistoric and in the beginning were made of rock, clay and sticks.