History of Valentine’s Day

There are several theories about the history of Valentine’s Day. Some claim that the origins are in the story of Valentine, a Roman who became a martyr for refusing to renounce his Christian faith, and for trying to help Christians escape from the prisons of the Romans, and who died on the 14th. February, 269 AD

According to other historical accounts, Saint Valentine would have served as a priest in the temple during the reign of Claudius III when the Emperor decided that young men should all be soldiers, and forbade marriage. Valentine would realize the injustice of the decree and would continue to direct the marriage rite for young couples in secret until he was discovered by Claudio who would imprison him for the challenge.

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According to the legend, Saint Valentine left a farewell letter to the jailer’s daughter whom he had fallen in love with during his imprisonment, and this letter would be Valentine’s first love letter. He left his signature “De us Valentine” at the end of his signature, a signature that would become popular for couples who send themselves cards with Valentine’s phrases.

In 496 AD, Pope Celsius decided that February 14 would be the day on which Saint Valentine would be honored.

Little by little the 14th of February was becoming a date in which love messages were exchanged, and Valentine’s Day became popular and became the patron of the lovers.

Interesting facts about Valentine’s Day:

By 1842 an artist and businesswoman named Esther Howland popularized Valentine’s greeting cards using the traditional forms associated with that day that are the heart and figure of Cupid, the god of amorous desire in Roman mythology.

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Valentine’s Day in the Nordic countries

In the Nordic countries, the date of the Valentine’s Day coincides with the date on which the birds are paired and paired in that area and for this reason it is seen as a symbol of love and creation.

Valentine’s Day in Latin America

In some countries like Latin America it is considered the day of love and friendship. The tradition is that the lovers give each other some detail and give happy Valentine’s Day gifts 2018 and it is also a day in which they show their gratitude to their friends and loved ones.

Saint Valentine and the city of Verona

In Verona the city of Romeo and Juliet every Valentine’s celebration is awarded the most beautiful letter of the letters that people send to Juliet. Each year they receive about 8,000 letters addressed to the character created by Shakespeare and all are answered by the Club of Juliet a club formed by volunteers who respond to the sent letters.

Valentine’s Day in Japan

In Japan on Valentine’s Day, custom dictates that women give chocolates to men, not only to the beloved but to workmates, friends, relatives … Men must correspond to the detail a month later on the day known as White Day and the return gift must have more value than the one received.