Why Is The Dog Doing His Bed And How Does The Dog-Concept Contribute To It?

You have probably already observed in your canine companion, dogs usually have a ritual before sleeping, they say they make their bed. This can take many forms depending on the animals: scratching, modeling, turning, … some of them even have rather surprising manias.

Foebus shapes his cushion

Far from being abnormal, some of these habits are inherited directly from the line of canids and more specifically from cousin Wolf, their closest relative. It is indeed a natural instinct for wild animals to prepare their sleeping , even if they do not have comfortable cushions or beds to sleep.

From the wolf to the dog, sleeping is sacred …

Unlike domesticated dogs, preparing for sleeping is a survival instinct for the wolf:

– By turning around the chosen location, the wolf will leave olfactory marks that will mark its territory.

Pets Bed

– By scratching the ground, he checks that no harmful animal (snake, scorpion, ants …) will attack it during the night and / or disturb his sleep.

– While digging, the wolf models his bed. It also looks for some freshness in the earth in summer, as it prepares a cocoon in winter so that once rolled into a ball, it limits exposure to cold or other elements.

One can of course wonder why dogs living at home have kept this ritual, especially for those sleeping inside a house or apartment, because the risks of attack are still much lower. But preparing your pets bed is innate for dogs as for other domesticated animals (the cat also optimizes sleeping). The choice of the sleeping place is also very important, it can influence the behavior of the dog and its well-being.

pet beds

Crab allows the dog to prepare his sleeping as his instinct dictates

Some owners are sometimes annoyed to watch their dog mistreat evening after night the bed they gave them , and some cushions do not resist anyway. This was our case with Foebus, and that’s what pushed us to understand the behavior of the dog to offer him a sleeping solution that meets his primary needs (even wild a little distant).

The highly malleable padding of the Crab cushion is composed of cork particles and cedar beads, it allows the dog to shape his bed to feel safe once he is comfortably settled to sleep. It also provides good support (very important for the joints of some breeds of dog), and the comfort of the cushion will not move in time because the material does not get stuck (unlike foams, polystyrene beads and polyfil ).

The dog will be able to trample, scratch, move with the weight of his body as he would instinctively with loose soil to find his ideal position. In addition, for the most wolves of our companions, the cushion naturally releases a sweet smell of forest , which they seem to particularly appreciate.

Foebus on the edge of the Crab cushion to make it oval

For the past 2 years, Foebus has been testing the Cl├ęb cushions for the first time, and has just stopped destroying his bed, a relief after the 20 cushions thrown in the previous years. We continue to observe his sleeping ritual day after day, and are always surprised to see how he appropriates his cushions by manipulating them to adopt such or such a position (sometimes improbable) for a short nap or for the night, a little as we would do on a big beanbag to sit there, to lie down, …